The Science & Art of Engagement


Prepare to be captivated by SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement, now available. This dynamic book seamlessly blends thought-provoking narratives with actionable insights, bridging the gap between the unengaged and true engagement.

"SURPRISED" is a groundbreaking exploration of the science and art of engagement. Rich Carr, co-author of Brain-centric Design, takes you on a transformative adventure into our most potent and powerful emotion. Command the power of true engagement, influence, and connect like never before.
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Aesthetic Surprise
Cognitive Surprise

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Discover how the unexpected can become your most potent tool for influence and connection. This is your chance to break free from the ordinary, embrace the power of surprise, and engage like never before.

As you explore the pages of SURPRISED, you'll gain insights that transcend the boundaries of traditional communication. It's a journey that will reshape the way you interact, learn, and connect.

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